Metaphor” has its roots from the Greek pherein, meaning “to carry,” and meta, meaning “beyond” or “over.” Before creating a full-fledged personal or organizational narrative we need metaphors as images and raw materials to "carry us across," and out of our stuck places. Good metaphors allow us to re-envision new ways of moving forward and engaging with the bigger work of creating a storied culture that is more resilient and thrives in the face of adversity and challenges.

The more immersed we are in a story

the easier it is to reflect on our working and personal lives from the perspective of the story. The insights we gain are specific to us they are empowering and unforgettable.

As we locate ourselves in the story our masks fall away and we express ourselves more authentically. We are invited into the suspension of disbelief led into this special world, linked in meaning to the everyday world.

1,000 times participants make powerful connections between the special world of the story and the real world of the workplace. Our intent is that the instructional design is seamlessly integrated into each story in this way the learning is both memorable and. . . immersive


Your organization’s culture

Is woven together by story threads

Either aligned with your vision

Or undermining your mission

Take control and….

Hack the story DNA

Weave those threads into a coherent narrative vibrant and multi-colored. Stories unique to your organization that shimmer and glisten that heal and unify stories that engage the imagination stories that will shift a culture


Mt. Everest lies right on the border between the possible and the impossible and so stands for anything you undertake that lies on this same border. Mt Everest is a symbol for human endurance and the greatest arena of challenge for the team. It towers across the globe, its shadow envelopes nations; the pursuit of its summit has become the modern grail quest.Yet it is also a mountain of contradictions. It requires of us painstaking preparation, yet presents us with the very face of change; it presents the greatest moments of uncertainty and then requires us to act with the greatest conviction; It brings us close to our own mortality, where we discover a great will for life.

It immerses us in the most serious situations and then teaches us to play the game of life. It stretches human relationships to the limit, then shows us how much we need each other; It teaches us the power of one and then it teaches us that a team can accomplish far more than a group of individuals; It fires the imagination but its harsh reality literally freezes away illusions and teaches us who we are under all our disguises.


Mt Everest speaks to a greatness, reach into that immensity. Climb beyond those foothills, upwards to a vision that lies at the very heart, at the very limits of your imagination.