TeamEverest will drive leadership messages deep into the organization in a way that is engaging, fun, and memorable.


  • Consistently Top Rated Conference Program

  • Highly Interactive and Participatory

  • Stunning Imagery, Video and Surround Sound

  • Computer Based, Facilitator Led Training

  • Consistently Top Rated Conference Program

  • Motivational and Inspirational

  • Builds Leadership, Values Alignment, Commitment and Team Skills Proven Track Record

  • Built on an innovate facilitation platform called TownHall Builder which allows for unprecedented audience interaction and real-time customization


Participants arrive at a conference room transformed into a Himalayan Basecamp. A film with music and sounds from that landscape has been specially created for the walk-in to evoke the atmosphere of the mountains and the people that live there. Tibetan musicians are playing flutes and horns as Lamas are chanting the traditional blessing that is held before climbers attempt to climb the mountain.

Hundreds of feet of colorful prayer flags are strung across the ceiling, climbing scenes cover the walls, expedition lanterns with Tibetan lampshades light up each table and Tibetan door hangings over the tables and stage. Expedition tents, climbing gear, cultural artifacts and many other elements complete the scene.

Participants can even clip onto rope teams and be led by their leadership team (dressed as Sherpa guides) to their tables

"From the moment you walked in the door you got a sense of the journey you were about to go on, right through until you left, you really felt like you were making a journey. Walking into the room and hearing the sound of wind flapping against the tent, seeing a real base camp set up, the giant screen images, the lanterns on the table and the Pringles. It was a complete experience and it didn't end when the lights went up and the doors opened at the end of the event. It brought our relationships to a different level afterwards".

Michelle Alosinac, Ontario Heritage Foundation, Past President Ontario Chapter of MPI


The purpose of the trek-in is to travel to the foot of Mt. Everest while acclimatizing to ever-increasing elevation and to gain familiarity with your teammates, laying the foundations for trust and a sense of mutual responsibility.

Using sound, narrative, images and video we take participants from Katmandu through Nepal, over the storm-prone high passes into Tibet and onto the roof of the world.

During the Trek-In participants learn how to deal with an overloaded donkey and a disgruntled Yak discovering that what you leave behind is as important as what you take with you.

It’s time to leave the comfort of this room and make YOUR journey to the ancient capital of Lhasa, in the Kingdom of Tibet.You arrive in Lhasa the fabled and once Forbidden City. [pause] Until 1959 it was home of an unbroken chain of Spiritual Leaders known as the Dalai Lamas.   In one of the most remarkable culture changes on the planet, Tibet went from a Warrior-led culture to a Pacifist culture during a period of less than 300 years. 

This change was attributed to King Gesar of Ling who united the four warring regions of Tibet in the 12th century. His fantastic stories are told throughout Tibet to this day. They form the largest single epic in the history of any culture and are a powerful force that continues to unite and guide Tibetans.

For six days you will travel overland covering a distance of only 700 km but steadily rising upwards across the roof of the world.


Mount Everest lies in both Tibet and Nepal. We begin by introducing you to the people and countryside of this ancient land above the clouds.

Welcome to the end of the road, but the beginning of the trek in. You’ve just spent the last two weeks traveling on bone-jarring and vertigo-inducing roads. It’s an awe-inspiring moment as the truck stops at the end of the road and you can see, towering above the clouds on a beautiful sunny day, Mount Everest in the distance.


You’ll be traveling by foot with your companions and Sherpa guides to the base camp just below Everest. It’s a two-week trip and you’ll travel through some of the most beautiful countryside anywhere in the world.

One of the most important experiences of the trek in is it gives you an opportunity to develop friendships with your climbing companions. Over time, those friendships will develop into trust which will be absolutely necessary in the coming months. This trust will form the foundation for teamwork and the question will be: will be the challenges over next couple of months develop faster than the teamwork?